G.I.T (Goods in Transit)

REVOLUTIONARY 3-PART SYSTEM – working together to ensure maximum security and control

Crime syndicates are known for targeting goods in transit vehicles and theft of cargo has become a major issue for logistics companies. The challenge with this is that these crimes usually occur when goods are "on the move". Cracking down on crimes such as goods in transit heists requires the intelligent use of appropriate technology solutions, enabling a more proactive approach.

With the value of goods lost or stolen in transit rocketing and customers demanding perfect order fulfillment, the ability to monitor goods in transit is critical to the success of any company that ships its products through road transportation networks.

Mtrack GIT offers more comprehensive protection and security for logistics companies to improve control and protect trucks, goods and people from crime syndicates.
The industry is a soft target for thieves due to:

  • The volume and variety of these goods being shipped.
  • The ease of rapidly offloading goods.
  • The ease of storage and distribution of the fast moving consumer goods that are often the target. Items such as consumer electronics, designer apparel and accessories, wine, spirits, cigarettes, cosmetics, perfumes and pharmaceuticals all have a high value-to-size ratio, are difficult to identify as being stolen, are easy to conceal and are in high demand on the “black market”.

How can MTACKFleet assist?

MtrackFleet is ideally suited for the fleet owner/manager who needs a real-time solution to control movable assets, drivers and vehicles.

  • Real Time Vehicle Data – location, ignition/engine on/off, trip data, speeding, odometer, trip distance, fuel management, water and oil pressures, engine hours, engine temperature, temperature sensor probe. Maintenance/service intervals etc. Trailer disconnect alarm, power off alarm.
  • Driver Management - driver identification, vehicle immobilisation until driver verified, driver scorecard, excessive idling, harsh braking, speeding, over-revving, audible alarm in cab, tow alert etc. Minimize fuel and maintenance costs, maximise safety. Panic button. Set a curfew on a vehicle or driver or both according to day of the week and time. Trip replay, end-to-end control over consignments, business/private trip recording (electronic log book), legislation – driver resting periods, max drive time etc can all be monitored and enforced.
  • Zone Management - user-defined geofences, go/no go areas, identification of customers, fuel stations, depots, POI etc.
  • Accident detection and reconstruction.
  • Route monitoring and planning.
  • Reports - extensive bouquet of reports with user defined frequency and content.
  • Communications methods - voice communication with the driver, 2 way SMS, driver can respond with pre-programmed SMS messages (e.g. arrived at destination), task assignment with destination position sent to the Garmin FMI device, Send messages to driver which requires a response from him. (e.g. Have you arrived at ABC?: Yes/No). Audio Surveillance - listen in on the vehicle

How can Mtrack assist?

Mtrack is a unique intelligent technology to locate and recover stolen assets – trucks and their loads, plant, equipment, private cars plus and many other assets.

  • Generally, the lack of a power source in the load has meant that tracking devices have been largely ineffective. This leaves the trailer untracked which is often where the value and the interest of thieves are.
  • Mtrack is the only self-powered, wireless device that enables tracking and recovery of vehicles and assets throughout the country, using a combination of GSM and RF technology.
  • Mtrack needs little or no installation. Unlike other devices Mtrack does not rely on any exterior power source and can therefore be located anywhere on the trailer or even inside the individual goods/pallets themselves. Mtrack therefore protects both vehicles and loads
  • This means that from the criminal’s point of view, they now have a problem as they do not know which package contains the Mtrack, and if they start opening boxes and breaking the shrink wrap around the merchandise, the resale value goes down. This also takes valuable time. It creates unpredictable behavior for criminals.
  • Mtrack is more reliable than conventional systems as it can work both indoors and out, even in basements, with no need to see the GPS satellites in the sky above.
  • Mtrack can be installed covertly into virtually any asset requiring protection.
  • No interference with vehicle wiring harnesses – no risk to vehicle warranties
  • If the vehicle battery is tampered with, Mtrack is unaffected.
  • Movement sensor capability.
  • Exceptional battery life – embed and forget
  • Daily health checks.

Mtrack is the most successful recovery device in the world. Our 12 year rolling average recovery rate is 97%!

How can MtrackSeal assist?

  • Trigger alarm automatically with events such as the unauthorised opening of cargo doors.
  • Current wire seal solutions provide an after the fact indication that tampering has occurred. It is also easy to bypass them by either cutting the hardware the seal is attached to or even by replacing the seal with an intact one after cutting it. The fleet manager will only know that the seal has been tampered with after it arrives back at the depot or at the intended customer, giving them little recourse
  • If the MtrackSeal is opened, adjusted, cut or tampered with in any way a notification is sent live as it happens with positioning information.


  • Managed and monitored by a single 24 hour control room
  • National recovery infrastructure.
  • Reputable, proven track record.
  • Data can be viewed by the user from anywhere in the world
  • In the event of a hi-jacking or fuel theft, the Control Room receives the alerts as they happen and can immediately send an activation message to the Mtrack wireless asset recovery unit. As this unit is installed on the trailer or in the cargo and is wireless, thieves have no way to trace any wires in order to find and destroy the unit, meaning that the cargo is recoverable even if the MtrackFleet unit is destroyed or disabled or if the tanker is unhooked from the horse and pulled away by a clean horse.


  • No software on PC’s, access data and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world
  • Reporting and mapping system that is completely web-based
  • The web-based offering ranks amongst the fastest and most intuitive
  • Maintenance, access and usage are absolutely effortless.

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