When location tracking isn't enough

When location tracking isn't enough
November2013, Security Services & Risk Management, Transport (Industry)

Tracking goods and assets in transit has become common practice for many companies with various options available for those looking for a geographic tracking solution. An area very few companies cover is tracking goods in transit as well as when in storage, while being able to obtain real-time information on the status of the products.

To be able to track and maintain control over goods to ensure their security and that they are under the proper care requires a different tracking system than a traditional, passive GPS system. You need systems that are programmable and can return information to a control room in real- time. You also need to have a management system that is Web-based, allowing authorised users to access vital information from any browser with an Internet connection.

"MtrackTag is an intelligent tracking solution that allows companies in a variety of industries to track their assets, but also to keep tabs on their condition," says Deon Bayly, MD of Mtrack. "In other words, if certain goods are meant to be stationary in a warehouse, the MtrackTag will be able to determine if they start moving. For perishable goods, MtrackTag can monitor the temperature within a container and report if it moves out of predefined boundaries."

Deon Bayly, MD of Mtrack.


As a programmable system with its own battery power, MtrackTag can be hidden within a pallet of goods, out of sight, for a long time to keep tabs on the goods until they reach their destination. Once its task is completed, the system can be remotely reprogrammed to serve another purpose.

With the intelligence Mtrack has built into the RFID tagging system, users in the logistics industry, for example, can use MtrackTag to track the movement of goods while being transported and then ensure they stay in one location overnight or until they need to be moved again. Bayly says the system accomplishes this through motion and proximity detection.

"Similarly, if the goods are in cold storage, MtrackTag continually monitors the temperature in the container and raises an alarm if it rises above or falls below a certain value range," he explains. "In this way, not only does the company have constant intelligence on the whereabouts of its goods, but also the condition. This is especially valuable in the food retailing and pharmaceutical industry where goods need to remain refrigerated until they reach their destination."

And since the devices are reprogrammable and self-powered, the users can redeploy their tags to new locations as and when required. This makes MtrackTag a more reliable and sustainable solution that will deliver value over the long term at a lower cost.

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